Matteo Salvini

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Matteo Salvini Video Embed List

    1. Matteo Salvini: "A Roma una manifestazione bella e pacifica" - Porta a porta 10/09/2019
      Duration: 1:54

    2. How Matteo Salvini uses Facebook live streams to exploit immigration
      Duration: 1:33

    3. Face to face with Matteo Salvini, Italy's far-right Deputy PM
      Duration: 14:24

    4. PM Netanyahu Meets Italian Minister of the interior Matteo Salvini
      Duration: 2:16

    5. Italian PM Giuseppe Conte attacks Matteo Salvini in resignation speech
      Duration: 1:14

    6. The man behind Italy pandemonium: Matteo Salvini
      Duration: 1:27

    7. Pontida 2019, Salvini: "Tenetevi la poltrona, questa è l’Italia che vincerà" (15.09.19)
      Duration: 1:00:01

    8. Who is Italy’s far-right success story Matteo Salvini?
      Duration: 23:48

    9. Marine Le Pen praises Matteo Salvini for 'controlling migration in Italy'
      Duration: 1:06

    10. Fiducia, Matteo Salvini: "Chi ha paura del voto ha la coscienza sporca"
      Duration: 0:39

    11. Matteo Salvini: "The people's judgement will come sooner or later"
      Duration: 0:27

    12. Mike Pompeo hosts Matteo Salvini at USA Department of State
      Duration: 11:07

    13. Matteo Salvini sidelined, Giuseppe Conte forms new coalition in Italy
      Duration: 2:14

    14. Will Matteo Salvini be Italy's next prime minister? | Inside Story
      Duration: 24:41

    15. The Salvini effect: What explains Italian interior minister's popularity?
      Duration: 5:53

    16. Italy's Matteo Salvini live broadcasts closure of one of Europe's largest migrant centres
      Duration: 2:13

    17. The Salvini effect: what's behind Matteo Salvini's popularity?
      Duration: 5:10

    18. Matteo Salvini's hard-line immigration policies | Profile
      Duration: 1:22

    19. #EuronewsNow | Italy's PM Matteo Salvini meets France's Marine Le Pen
      Duration: 2:29

    20. Salvini Calls for Early Italy Election
      Duration: 1:44