Hong Kong Protest

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Hong Kong Protest Video Embed List

    1. Hong Kong protesters apologise after storming government building
      Duration: 1:47

    2. Hong Kong Protests & El Salvador's New President: VICE News Tonight Full Episode (HBO)
      Duration: 26:16

    3. Hong Kong Protesters Seek G-20 Attention in Pre-Summit Rally
      Duration: 1:57

    4. The Fight for Hong Kong: Emily Lau | Hong Kong Protests | China Uncensored
      Duration: 24:12

    5. Hong Kong protesters march to foreign consulates over extradition Bill
      Duration: 1:49

    6. Hong Kong Protesters to Rally During G20 to Send Message to Beijing
      Duration: 1:48

    7. Anti-extradition protesters in Hong Kong rally outside police headquarters
      Duration: 4:30

    8. UK calls for investigation into Hong Kong anti-extradition bill protest violence
      Duration: 1:28

    9. Millions of people join Hong Kong protests for democracy
      Duration: 5:35

    10. Scuffles between Hong Kong protesters and public
      Duration: 1:02

    11. Hong Kong protesters gather ahead of G20 summit
      Duration: 1:24

    12. Protests continue against Hong Kong extradition bill ahead of G20 summit
      Duration: 1:01:37

    13. Thousands gather outside police HQ in renewed Hong Kong protests
      Duration: 1:00

    14. Hong Kong's protest revival
      Duration: 5:32

    15. Victory for Hong Kong’s Protesters, a Huge Cocaine Bust & Trump's Tampa Rally | The Daily Show
      Duration: 5:02

    16. HK protesters rally again ahead of G20 summit
      Duration: 4:20

    17. Hong Kong’s huge protests, explained
      Duration: 9:12

    18. Hong Kong Protests: Hundreds stage sit-in at city tax offices
      Duration: 1:03

    19. Hong Kong Protesters Call For Foreign Backing In Their Struggle To Preserve City's Freedoms | TIME
      Duration: 0:55

    20. Police use batons and pepper spray on Hong Kong protesters
      Duration: 0:55