Eric Garner

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Eric Garner Video Embed List

    1. Eric Garner, NYPD Grand Jury Decision Sparks Demonstrations
      Duration: 7:26

    2. Officer involved in Eric Garner's death won't face federal charges
      Duration: 2:13

    3. NYPD Officer Who Killed Eric Garner Used Forbidden Chokehold | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
      Duration: 7:15

    4. How Eric Garner's Death Changed New York And The NYPD
      Duration: 7:49

    5. Feds won't charge NYC officer in Eric Garner chokehold death
      Duration: 0:36

    6. Father of Six Dies After NYPD Police Chokehold
      Duration: 1:58

    7. Man who filmed Eric Garner’s death suing NY police
      Duration: 2:36

    8. Watch live: Rev. Sharpton, Eric Garner family reacts to NYPD firing officer involved in death
      Duration: 28:52

    9. NYPD officer accused of choking Eric Garner fired
      Duration: 7:34

    10. NYPD officer accused of chokehold in Eric Garner's death fights to keep job
      Duration: 2:14

    11. New York officer fired for Eric Garner chokehold death
      Duration: 2:00

    12. Judge rules NYPD officer accused in Eric Garner death should be fired
      Duration: 2:26

    13. No Charges for NYC Officer Pantaleo in Eric Garner Death
      Duration: 4:49

    14. 'Fire Pantaleo!': Candidates respond to debate protests over Eric Garner's death
      Duration: 2:53

    15. NYPD judge says cop in Eric Garner case should be fired
      Duration: 10:19

    16. No indictment for officer in NYC chokehold death
      Duration: 3:07

    17. Feds won't charge officer in Garner chokehold death
      Duration: 3:12

    18. Daniel Pantaleo, NYPD Cop In Eric Garner Case, Fired | MSNBC
      Duration: 2:05

    19. NYPD commissioner fires Officer Daniel Pantaleo over Eric Garner's death
      Duration: 3:30

    20. Few details made public from Eric Garner grand jury
      Duration: 2:34