Angela Merkel

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Angela Merkel Video Embed List

    1. German leader Angela Merkel seen visibly shaking for third time in month | ITV News
      Duration: 2:11

    2. ANGELA MERKEL WIRD 65: (K)ein Tag wie jeder andere
      Duration: 1:40

    3. Angela Merkel seen shaking for a third time - BBC News
      Duration: 0:55

    4. German Chancellor Angela Merkel seen shaking for third time in under a month
      Duration: 0:22

    5. Germany: Pegida holds rally as Merkel makes Dresden visit
      Duration: 2:00

    6. Angela Merkel seen shaking in public for third time in a month
      Duration: 1:00

    7. Angela Merkel insists she is 'fine' after third bout of shaking in one month
      Duration: 1:15

    8. Who is Angela Merkel?
      Duration: 6:27

    9. Angela Merkel shaking for third time in as many weeks
      Duration: 2:46

    10. WATCH LIVE: President Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel hold joint news conference
      Duration: 38:39

    11. Angela Merkel shakes during national anthem, blaming dehydration
      Duration: 0:44

    12. Chancellor Angela Merkel's Playbook for President Donald Trump | The New York Times
      Duration: 4:01

    13. Angela Merkel's exit as her party's leader | DW News
      Duration: 6:47

    14. Angela Merkel confirms this is her final term as german chancellor | DW English
      Duration: 3:04

    15. Angela Merkel sits for military honours after being seen shaking three times
      Duration: 0:37

    16. Angela Merkel to step down as German Chancellor | ABC News
      Duration: 2:39

    17. Angela Merkel zur Neubesetzung des Verteidigungsministeriums am 16.07.19
      Duration: 0:49

    18. Germany: Merkel welcomes and expresses support for new Moldovan PM
      Duration: 3:18

    19. Angela Merkel's shaking episodes
      Duration: 1:25

    20. Chancellor Angela Merkel condemns xenophobic attacks | DW English
      Duration: 2:08